Thursday, 3 August 2017

Judge Scott (5)

Judge Scott quickly scans the room and notices that the room is very spacious. It seems to be on 2 levels perhaps with a mezzanine floor (which has yet to be put in). He estimates the room to be about half the size of a modern hockey pitch. Or just a bit bigger than a tennis court. There is a hole in the opposite wall and a filling up hole in the floor perhaps to the floor below but either way it is mostly filled with plasticrete now. It is currently under renovation and the walls have been scrawled on typically of a surface that is left unattended. There are no furniture as such. It will all arrive in the fitting out. Lighting is supplied by the borrowed light from the holes in the wall already mentioned and from the rather large window which dominates the wall on the left. It is probably going to be a shop window but for now it just has some plastisheets covering the aperture. Additionally some lighting is supplied by the strip lighting on the ceiling which for the most part lights the room.
He takes in the view in less than a second. There is scant cover except the doorway and a palette of shuttering. Smooth textured panels used to house the Platicrete while it dries and allowing it to take a solid form.

Some of these shuttering panels will no doubt be used to cover the floor once the work is done and assuming the people coated in plasticrete in the hole in the floor. A mental note is made to see if they survive once the robot has been dealt with. The shuttering sits on a palette, the type carried by hover bots there is nothing unusual about it in any way. But realising it would make excellent cover if Judge Scott chose to close the distance with the robot.  The palette is about 2 foot tall by 10 foot by 5 foot. Judge Scott quickly glances down to make sure he did select Armoured piercing rounds. As he confirms this he makes a leap and one two three four paces later he dives behind the pallet.

Twunk Thwunk the nail gun discharges and the shuttering on the pallet judders. But the Two rather large nails are a body length away. Crouching low he fires again this time aiming for the nail gun. The shot goes wide and a mark is made in the wall. I guess more repairs later in the day. Closing one eye he aims and fires again. Not sure if it was just using one eye or being closer or aiming this time the round flies true. There is a Crunch sound very short and sharp and the armoured piercing round rips into the case of the nail gun rendering it unserviceable.

The fact that the nail gun no longer works seems to pass the Robots mind by and it continues to point it at judge Scott and squeezes the trigger. Some robots are just all that smart! It is about now tat you realise the Robot is not only behaving oddly, but although you cannot put your finger on it somehow the robot looks different from the schematics that were on the computer.  But you cannot worry about details now, maybe if you were a tech judge any differences would be obvious. But no point at all worrying about it until it is dealt with. What next?

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  1. Judge Scott is going to stay put, using the cover of the pallets. First he calls control and asks them to send a spy in sky camera (he wants it to track the robot in the chance that it escapes him) to his position as soon as possible and to call for a pat wagon and a med wagon plus any available back up. Whilst talking, he will fire his Lawgiver using Armour Piercing rounds. He is not aiming at any actual point unless the robot has its back to him, in which case he will target the access panel on its back.