Saturday, 1 July 2017

Judge Scott (2)

Judge Scott drives his Lawmaster bike towards the sound of the disturbance. As he drives, he patches in to MAC for details on the Mk. XXVII Plasticrete Droid.

It takes but a few seconds to run back to the Lawmaster jump into the saddle and head the way of the disturbance.

As you Drive you ask MAC about the Mk 27 Plasticrete bot. The reply is almost instantaneous.

MAC: The Mark 27 or Mark XXVII Plasticrete bot is a construction bot. It has the primary purpose of pouring large amounts of Plasticrete into formed shuttering. The Shuttering is then removed when the Plasticrete is Hardened. There are several Variations at work in your sector at present and  eight thousand and seventy two Citi wide. A popular construction bot which has lead to 19 standard variations and 308 individual variations citi wide. The standard variations are produced at Central Productions Inc Block in Sector 48 and have been produced in numbers since in excess of 10.050 if export s are included. The Chief importer has been "Na Gong Corporation" in Ind citi. Although 603 have also been exported to Oz and a further 17 to Brit Cit and 2 to the Sov bloc (these two to be considered as prototypes which led to the Rasputin Model from the Trokivalov Works unit.) (See separate entry on Sol Bloc Industry Trokivalov Works).
It does not generate the Plascrete itself and relies on a fleet of hover transports to keep it supplied while working. Typically 4 hover loaders of the PBAX6 320 variety per mark 27 while on a working site following a 24 hour shift pattern. The Hover dumpers can be automated to reduce risk to passing citizens or controlled manually should that be your preference. (See Hover Dumper PBAX6 230 Plascrete for more details). A notable drawback is the Hover dumpers will continue to fill the Hopper on the right shoulder if not instructed to stop .generally it is considered a reliable machine for resupply of the Mk XXVII Plasticrete bot. Some versions of the Mk 27 Plascrete bot have two hoppers and require more hover dumpers but these are the exception and not the rule. While two hoppers would normally mean 2 plascrete nozzles having you cuts down on the machines versatility. Some Variant accept this but most do not, sticking to a single nozzle.

Most models but not all variants are able to place and fix shuttering by the use of a Left arm Nail Cannon but they are limited to 12 sheets and 120 nails before supply. !2 sheets will allow an area of 24m2 if used as flooring or about 12m cubed depending on the exact layout and dimension. Resupply of these is very swift and usually results in a pallet of sheets being left by the bot.

The Mark XXVII is very good at climbing and us usually found working at heights of over 100 meters above ground level but has been known to work far higher. Tests carried out with in the design process put a theoretical ceiling or the bot working as high as 20 miles above the earth surface before further altitude tests were deemed appropriate. High level construction bots are being researched for the possible construction of a bean stalk sky elevator. (see Bean Stalk) .

By the time you have rad this much the Lawmaster arrives at the scene. The details go on and on but without an exact conclusion. All very interesting but of little direct relevance.  Maybe next time asking MAC more specific questions might be the answer, unless traveling a long way.

Clearly as you Arrive in the Lisa Raynes Block there are alarms sounding and people running looking Panicked. Level 65 is all in confusion. The shopping Mall currently under construction is 5 stories tall and while the lower three floors look nearly finished the upper floors of the mall are clearly being refitted. Obviously it is a work in progress and the block is just undergoing a refurbishment and not a re-build.

Citizens peer from half closed doors both scared and excited in equal measure. Mostly the doors are firmly shut however. Above the cacophony of alarms and siren's the rumbling of plasticrete being destroyed can be heard.

Suddenly an orange mechanical fist punches through a floor two levels up. There seems no easy access for a Lawmaster it looks like a judge on foot is the only real option. Looking around you notice that their is an bank of elevators (4 in all) to the right, a stairwell sits beside it.

The buzz of hover loaders filling the Mark 27 distracts you for a moment and you contemplate climbing or using the stairs or the elevator. Or maybe you could drive the lawmaster up the stairs or look around for another option.

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  1. For my next turn, Judge Scott parks his Lawmaster Bike and races up the stairs next to the elevators. He should manage two flights in quick time. Whilst on the move he draws his Lawgiver from his boot holster and selects Armour Piercing rounds to disable the renegade robot. When he reaches the floor where the robot is, he will quietly open the door, and if it is a swing door, will use it as cover, otherwise he will make use of whatever cover the wall surrounding the door provides. He will assess the situation that he can see, hoping that he can get the drop on the robot. What does he see?