Monday, 31 July 2017

Judge Nash (5)

Realising the Stump gun is the biggest threat you focus your attention on the skinny perp with the blue and yellow keckerchief.  You note the look of panic in his eyes as you shout out another warning. "Gentry's get down and stay down!" A look of bewilderment crosses the Perps face. He is probably not that bright as he hesitates just a fraction of a second too long.

You bring the lawgiver up. It is perhaps now you realise the hours on the practice range were not wasted but an investment. The Lawgiver kicks in your hand and a round is squeezed of nice and gently, Just like the instructors said. Despite the practice the first shot goes high giving the perp time to react.
"KABOOM!" The stump gun discharges and the skinny perp is sent flying backwards. He clearly was not strong enough for the recoil or skilled enough or even clever enough to brace the weapon. The Stump gun tumbles end over end in mid air. Everything seems to slow down


A spit gun fires but the round was no where near you. Things are not going as the bad guys anticipated. Quickly you adjust the lawgiver and squeeze of another shot. It really was easier on the practice range. This time you are more lucky and a red fountain erupts from the skinny juves left leg.

It seems to take almost forever but the blue and yellow keckerchief juve slowly tumbles to the floor. For now at least all thoughts are on his leg and the wound and not on you and the stump gun. You manage to push yourself backwards and all to the floor behind a Vid screen. It is perhaps the biggest Vid screen you can fit in a Mopad of this size. While it will not offer much in the way of protection it is large enough to conceal you from the Perp with the Spit gun.

With the biggest threat taken care of Judge Nash spins and squeezes all in one fluid motion. A snap shot without really aiming and it was the kind of shot any Judge would be proud of. Right in the middle of the forehead a small hole is drilled by the lawgiver. Resulting in the Perp with the Spit gun dropping instantly and looking up with blank eyes at the ceiling.

"We surrenda gudge!" Comes an echo from an adjacent room. "Weez gonna khuck der guns out now!" The voice seems young but the law is the law regardless of age.  Thrunk Thrunk 2 small spit guns appear on the floor tossed from another room. "Uz got us fair and square and it aint wof dying for." 4 hands held high like a bad 20th Centrury cowboy film and 2 juve faces appear at the doors clearly trying to surrender.

It is up to you to sentence them, maybe see to the wounded if you feel like it an call in a pat wagon. Then work out  what you are doing next I guess. Let me know your next actions.

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  1. A quick glance in the mo-pads bathroom shows that there is no way of escaping and a safe/easy way of containing the perps until pick up. Bundling the two uninjured perps in and instructing them to drag their wounded friend with them and wrap his leg with his neckerchief, Nash stows the confiscated weapons in the galley. "Mrs Gentry, please pull the 'pad over to the nearest legal bay so we can rescue your husband."

    With the guns stashed and the prisoners safely contained, Nash clicks his helmet mic "Control, wagon to my location - 4 for transport to cubes, 1 for resyk".

    A few minutes later a change in the motion of the giant mobile habitation indicates that it has pulled off the main road and is pulling to a gentle halt. Using his cuffs he locks the bathroom door and heads up top to secure mr Gentry and retrieve him into the unit. By this time the Wagon has arrived and it's time to sentence the perps.

    As the wounded perp who had wielded the stump gun is dragged out Nash passes his first ever judgements:

    For armed robbery with violence - 30 years
    Resisting arrest - 15 years
    Unlicensed weapon - 3 years
    Total - 48 years in the cubes.

    To the two uninjured juves

    ARV - 30 years
    Unlicensed weapons - 3 years
    Total 33 years in the cubes each

    "Ezekiel Gentry (at this Nash points at the unfortunate civ). 100 days for littering, the loss of your shoe, as accidental as it was caused chaos on the roads and cannot go unpunished - next time tie your shoes tighter citizen!"

    With the perps dealt with, Nash hands the sample of 'paint' he took from the silhouette earlier to one of the guards, "take this to the labs and get it analysed please, ask the techs to message me the results."

    After the wagon departs Nash keys his mic again. "Control, what happened to that robot?"