Saturday, 1 July 2017

Judge Nash (2)

The boot knife slides cleanly from the boot allowing Judge Nash to silently scrape a sample of the substance that  makes up the scrawl from the wall. Is it is not yet completely dry it comes away fairly easily. Still leaving a mark on the wall for Cedric to clean when he gets to that part. It is sticky and gooey and adheres to the knife almost like glue. Wiping the Knife on the inside of an evidence pouch you take a sample. Still some sticks to the knife and it will need to be cleaned at some point. The thought shuffles through your mind.

Stepping forward you discreetly take a bleeper from the utility belt and vaguely recollect some vintage Adam West comment about Utility belts but the thought disappears as quickly as it arrives.  Cedric has plenty of places to attach the bleeper and you quickly and carefully stow it where it will not be noticed.  Surprisingly for a robot Cedric is warm to the touch but already your mind is on the street pirates.

"Control, show me responding to the carjacking on Calatrava expressway, ETA 2 mins, lets show “mo” mercy…. Additional- trace bleeper this location. ‘Spy in the sky’ to report movements for next 24hours.”

"Acknowledged!" comes the reply and you know that all is well and all will  be taken care of. Mac will see to that.

The Calatrava Expressway is a sight to behold. Some engineer with more ambition that sense no doubt. The Expressway is a bridge only supported in the middle which curves in an S shape. The Traffic is light and while there are a few vehicles it is quickly apparent which is the focus of your endeavours.

There seem at first glance to be 3 vehicles involved. The Mo Pad itself and 2 vehicles that either were are carrying the attackers. There is a man on the Modpad's roof. he seems to be clinging on for dear life. One of the other cars seems to be trying to jostle the Mo-pad perhaps in an attempt to knock the man off. The third vehicles is close but seems to have no one on board and merely going on auto pilot. It is possible it is not involved or it might be the transport for the street pirates.

You can see movement inside the Mo Pad but at this distance it is hard to say what is happening. Unless the whole thing ends quickly the man is likely to loose his grip and fall of off the Mo-Pad roof and any altercation inside the Mo-Pad will come to an end.

It will be tricky but not impossible to drive along side and climb aboard...

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  1. Judge Nash keys his helmet mic, “ Central - this is Nash, have eyes on the ‘Mopad’ looks like target vehicle plus 2x vehicles, 1male (no age) is on roof, no other perps visible at this time. Run the ID tags of the mo and other vehicles as priority and send info on inhabitants asap, I wanna know who SHOULD be onboard! backup is not required.”

    Drawing up closer to the vehicle on the side with the empty vehicle, Nash switches to the auto-drive function and looks for a chance to leap onto the giant mobile habitation. The intention is to attempt to arrest the perp (if he is a perp) on the roof and then drop into the mopad through a skylight.