Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Judge me Not!

I am going to start roleplaying in Megacity One. Two players have at present been invited. There may be room for more in the future it will depend on what transpires and IF I an carry this off with a degree of success. So it may thrive, but equally it may not survive.

I will be using both common sense and the Old Games Workshop Judge Dredd role playing game. It will be roleplaying and not tabletop.

Each Judge will be a Judge fresh from the Acadamy. The Puppy walking phase of their training is over and this is the first time they have been a full judge ON THIER OWN in the Citi. This does not mean they cannot call for assistance or that help  will not be forthcoming. What it means is they will be starting characters.
As such they will have starting characteristics.

The Characteristics are:

Strength               31/100
Initiative              31/100
Combat skill        31/100
Drive skill            31/100
Technical Skill    31/100
Medical skill        31/100
Street Skill           31/100
Psi Skill               31/100

All the skills start at 31/100. Players may add to their starting skills by slighting another. NO SKILL MAY BE LOWER than 22. (No matter what) any lower and they would not have passed the final exam and would be ejected from the Academy.
Psi Skill is a special skill IF a player selects a score of 40 they may (if they choose) become a Psi Judge.

HOWEVER (and this is important) They MUST have reduced twice the number of skills to raise their Psi Skill. Thus to raise it to the desired score of 40 it will mean other skills NEED to be reduced by a total of 18 points! While this is not hard it does mean they will be weaker in other skills.

It is also worth Noting that While MOST vehicles will have a computer and a reasonable driving skill this does not allow them to break the law. So if you want to speed for example a drive skill is going to be used and it is unlikely to be the vehicle drive skill, but is more likely to be your drive skill.

Additionally in the original rules Strength was rated 1-4. But now in these it will be rated out of 100. Not only is it useful for things like kicking in doors it is NOW also part of your mental strength. Where as psi skill is a measure of both your Psi resistance and your own psi skill (BUT not PSI strength)

The Changes were made to allow players to create characters and not roll dice. They may be subject to change in the near future.

Starting Equipment:
All  judges start with the following equipment:
Helmet, Radio Microphone, Respirator, Glove, Boots and padded armour, A Utility belt (which holds Birdie Lie Detector, 5 Bleepers, 2 sets of hand cuffs, 1 hand radio (back up radio if helmet does not work), 3 Law giver Magazines, Infra Red Lawgiver sight, Lawgiver Silencer, 3 strum Grenades, Pollution Meter and 1 med kit.

Each Judge also has a Lawmaster (Motorbike) Which has a Cyclops Laser and Bike Cannon. Additionally there is a Scatter gun for use by the judge should he or she need it.

If players feel they need any special equipment beyond that which the Justice Department normally issues they will need to acquire it in game.

Players are now invited to create their characters and pull thier gloves on tightly as we are ready to go.

Each Judge will be independent of the others and will be assigned both their own page on the blog. To which they can write as they wish and publish posts which shall be their turns AND receive the turn results (written by me as the GM). So if you see a page entitled "Judge Williams" you will know it is for Judge Williams ad Not Judge Evans. And NO ONE IS CALLED  Judge Mental as table-top players always wanted to be. (If you ever read this you know who you are!)

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  1. Yeah! Looking forward to this. My uni work is done, I can get a little more hobby time back. Add a follow button mate too so I can add this to my blog list :-)