Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day one Start

Morning briefing
Time 06:02
Officer in Charge Judge Burnett
Sector Hose 271

Although early you are not at all tired. Mostly because this is your first full day as a judge and adrenaline has kept you up a good part of the night with anticipation.

Judge Burnett is an older judge and bears a few wounds and scars. Now only with one arm and one leg he is destined for the long walk in a few years but for now the prosthetics keep him from being a street judge, but Judge he still is and in charge of the Sector house. Despite being a big man with many years of service his voice is soft and calm if a tiny bit high pitched.

As he stand in front of the Vid screen images flash behind him. All the Data will be on Barney and the Law master computer so checking later is always an option. but even so you try to stay attentive.

..." due to the Cakeathon endurance cake baking and eating competition expect a rather large presence around the Nerys Hughes Plaza. Judge Lacey and Judge Cagney have been assigned while trouble is not expected please be ready to come to their aid if a fat stampede results.

ITEM There are 402 reported Robot thefts Sector wide and 1102 vehicle thefts of which 2 robots and 6 vehicles have been recovered. So sector wide the numbers are falling. Let them fall some more if you can.

ITEM. Wally Squad officers have requested the area between Alginon Crimp and Martha Stewart Blocks be un visited by Judges between 1 and 2 o clock this afternoon As they have something on. So travel through this area needs to be minimised.

ITEM Mutants fro the Cursed earth have found a way into the northern section of the sector. The wall is secure so a tunnel is expected. Tech Judges are dealing with the issue. However be aware of mutants from the Cursed Earth are at present on the increase sector wide and noyt just in the north of the sector.

ITEM. Residents of the Duncan Goodhew block are complaining of continued aggression from neighbourhood blocks. As Duncan Goodhew block is primary an aquatic block for aliens as well as native marine life entry into the block without long lasting respirators and swimming equipment is not advised.

ITEM. Baboon Shuggee Emporium has had a number of attacks and disruptions in the previous shift and you are advised that any large groups of Apes near such a hall may be vigilantes looking to protect their businesses. Vigilantism is not to be tolerated. But neither is attacks any businesses. Just be aware of the growing tension.

ITEM Weather control. The weather control satellites are still not fixed and while it is forecast for light rain until 11.00 hours it is possible to be light snow instead. Driving must be done with caution by all Judges and Civilians.

ITEM. Previous shift has noticed a growing level of scrawl in several areas. With silhouette humans painted black also featuring.

ITEM. A Growing fad among Bat Burglars is the theft of relays and antennas from the tops of buildings. The reason for the Craze is as yet unknown. So be on the lookout for bat burgars with ariels as much as possible.

ITEM. The Counterfeiting of old Comic books has been brought to an end with the raid on Spuggon Printing. Judges are advised that while old counterfeit comics are still in circulation these comics should be destroyed as soon as they are encountered,

ITEM. Following the block war between the Tim Hutton Block and Paul Morley Block which erupted 2 days ago over parking spaces. Tensions are still at an all time high. Should a block war result Judges are standing by but you may be asked to assist.

.... The list goes on with more items added and updated sometimes on a minute by minute basis. But the vid finally ends and assignments are given out. You are ordered to patrol the eastern edge of the sector . The petrol is to last for 6 hours before you return to the sector house.

As you sit astride the Lawmaster thinking of the day ahead looking into the drizzle you are reminded that while crime never sleeps no one according to your academy instructor starts a riot in the rain. The Road ahead is slick but reasonably clear. You have heard about the so called quiet before the storm but have never experienced it.

But for now the choice is yours what will you do and where will you go?


  1. Judge Scott radios in that he will visit the Baboon Shugee Emporium to keep a look out for any vigilantes or for any signs of trouble.
    His stats are -
    Strength 31
    Initiative 35
    Combat 40
    Drive 33
    Technical 26
    Medical 26
    Street 35
    Psi 22

    1. Thanks mate I will deal with this in a few days.

    2. Crack shot selected. As special for reaching 40 skill points.

  2. Looking great Clint, and thank's for sharing with me, did send you some emails but may have ended up in your junk file

    1. Thanks Dave. I did receive an email. Remember our nasty little secret. So tell no one until it is established or fades from everyones memory. But knowing you have an interest it would be rude to not allow you at least partially in.

  3. Judge Nash reports that he will investigate the weird human silhouettes as something is nagging in his mind about them.

    Judge Aloysius "Gobbo" Nash.

    Nicknamed "Gobbo" in the academy for being small but strong and wiry. He is quick, damn quick and agile as hell. Was predicted to have a meteoric career following his initial test scores, this was curtailed by an irreverent and dark sense of humour, unbecoming in a judge. Unable to fault his performance in class or in the field, his tutors couldn't find a reason to fail him out and so he graduated with honours and is eagerly anticipating his first shift as a fully fledged Judge.

    Strength 36
    Initiative 40
    Combat 36
    Drive skill 28
    Tech skill 26
    Med skill 31
    Street 29
    Psi 22

    1. Brilliant mate I will get your turn done between now and Monday Morning. (Crossed fingers)

    2. Quick learning it is to be. No advantage in the short term but it should pay off long term